Friday, March 18, 2011

My First GiveAway

OMG my first giveaway there is no theme and it is'nt much but i think i put something pretty sweet together check out the pics the flowers are hand crochet


  1. I love your crochet flowers, I really have to learn how to make these, do you think you can make a video tutorial? Thank you so much. Sending you warm hugs.

  2. that sounds like a great idea i just may do that do you crochet all ready let me know

  3. I have subscribed to your utube and become a follower on your blog, Thanks for the chance to win


  4. Hi, I have subscribed to your YT channel and am following your blog. I absolutely love your crochet work! I have never learned to do that! Thanks for sharing your work with us and for the chance to win your awesome giveaway! Hugs, Pam :)

  5. Hey scrappinghappy !!!!! I am so happy to see that you are doing videos again !!!! Awesome giveaway ...Im a subscribber ...Hugs Love2craft :)

  6. Ahh! I missed the giveaway...wish I had seen this earlier! You have such cute projects on your blog. Looking forward to seeing more!

    I'm most definitely a follower...please stop by and follow as well!

    Also, do join in on the blog surf thread on my page. You just have to enter in your email. It's the best way to bring followers to you blog, and find new blogs to follow!

    Hope you join :)